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Transmorpher is a game where you can play as a funky little alien blob and solve all sorts of puzzles with the shapeshifting powers you get from other aliens so you can escape the scientists!

To win the level you've gotta get from the start door to the end door, but look out for the electricity and the sticky goo because they'll kill you! The first levels are easy but they get pretty tricky as you get further in!

Here's the first alien you get powers from! The purple guy can roll around on the walls to help you get to tricky places but he can't jump and he's pretty slow so keep that in mind. He can't stick to fans and ice!

Be on the look out for scientists, they're the bad guys who put you in alien jail in the first place, you can absorb one if you sneak up on them and use him as a disguise to unlock doors. He can't swim!

Hey look, fans! The green and purple guy can use them to float up to new places, but scientist and the orange guy (stay tuned for him) can't. Both are useful for different situations!

Here's the orange guy, I call him Jonathan, you can call him whatever you want! He's super heavy so he sinks in water and on fans, plus he's strong so he can break the ice to help you get through blockades!

The orange guy can push boxes which I think is one of the most useful abilities in the game! You can use boxes to do all sorts of things and get over all kinds of obstacles. They can press buttons, help you reach places blocked by goo and electricity, and they can help you reach places that you're too short to get to with the regular aliens! Science guy can push them too if you have him.