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Welcome to the secrets guide for Hannah in a Choppa! This super cool flash game has a secret in every level, and here you can see all of them that me and my bro found together!

1) This one's super easy, you just fly to the left when you start the round.

2) Pretty easy too, use a helicopter with a long winch and hit the second button without a ball.

3) Use the duck eggs to force the cork into the bottom section.

4) A little tricky but not too bad. You gotta use the jet pack to sneak past the circular junction.

5) Put the helicopter in the place where it says to put the cow and wait for a while.

6) Stay in the first splatotron inc until it lowers you to a crack in the wall. Fly down into the wall until you see a cat on a table.

7) There's a mushroom that says magic next to it. Fly into it with the duck until you get the secret.

8) When you reach the top left orange bit, go down until you hit a wall then head right. When you reach another exit go down until you see a cat.

9) Go down to the bottom of the room again after you finish the puzzle until you touch the new text.

10) Head right until just before the first corner where there's a crack in the wall. Go into the crack and go down until you see a cat in front of the sunset.

11) Finish the level with a jet pack but instead of going to the flag go behind it. Go into the crack in the wall and fly up until you reach the top right of the orange, there's some text there which is the secret.

12) Finish the level but don't get the flag and go back to the top of the loop. Go in the crack in the wall and go up until you see a funny symbol.

13) Press the second button so that all the text is upright when it stops rotating.

14) When the boat reaches the dock fly under the dock and go inland until you see a sleeping cat.

15) Wait a while after you finish the last joke, one of the donkeys will get a piano, put him in the joke slot to get the secret.

16) Fly upwards when you start the level until you hit a wall.

17) Finish the level with a jet pack but fly over the flag and into a crack in the wall. Go left until the orange stops.

18) Use the UFO to lift the van over the gap in the bridge.

19) Fly back to the start after defeating the ants until you see a glowing pillar. Touch it.

20) The bit of ground where it says Addicting Games isn't solid. You can hide there until the spike machine goes past you then go back to the beginning of the level to press a button and get a secret.

21) Chop every blade of grass with the tractor.

22) Fly to the flag and then go back to the beginning until it gives a special text.

23) Kill all of the zombies.

24) Throw all of the birds into the target without using the cannon.

25) Pick the jet pack. There's a crack in the ceiling at the start of the level, use it to fly to the end.

26) After you paint everything orange go to the right side of the level and paint the grey statue orange.

27) Collect all the dots without hurting either of the ghosts then collect the flag.

28) Sweep all of the cobwebs and then go back downstairs, on the right a door is open. Go down until you find rockets at the bottom of the orange area.

29) Close both cage doors once you've trapped the dog in it.

30) At the left of the start is a garbage disposal tunnel. Put all of the gears in it when you've turned off the doomsday machine.

31) Take out the oxo database when you play and then put it back in before you make your winning move.

32) Set off all of the fireworks at the same time.

33) Hover in the circle until the time is up and then go to the bottom left and touch the cat.

34) Use the jet pack and squeeze through the crack in the wall at the start of the level then go down until it runs out of orange.

35) Above the flag there is a crack in the wall. Use the jet pack to go through it and fly up until you find some text in the orange area.

36) Take the one ton to the bottom of the level and then go back to the start and touch the cat.

37) Use the jet pack and fly straight up until you see a darker section of wall. Fly through it to get outside the level. You have to land on the flag while upside down from there to get the secret.

38) Clear the blockage with the jet pack and then hit the switch yourself without letting the balls touch it. Fly up until you see a black cat in the ceiling.

39) Winch one of the bees at the start and take it to the end until text appears.

40) Do a lap around the map in the opposite direction to the fans.

41) Fly straight up from the start until you see a giant blue BOO.

42) Wait in the end area until you can enter the section of the gear with a hole in it. Fly outside and around the gear until you find some secret text.

43) Fly around with two missiles active and don't let either hit you until some secret text appears.

44) Ride the lift until the top then quickly fly over it and touch the cat in the ceiling.

45) There's a crack in the wall next to the level name. Drag the magnet into the level name through the crack.

46) Put all of the sheep in the pen.

47) Use the jet pack to fly under the tower without touching it.

48) Use the jetpack and fly under the starting platform from the left side through the water. Pressing T can help you see where the entrance is.

49) When the ceiling falls a crack opens up that you can get through with the jet pack. Fly through it and look for the cat in the top left of the orange area.

50) Cut all the hair and then go back to where you found the scissors and touch the cat.

51) Use a strong vehicle like the duck or the tardis and let the first set of crushers crush you. You will go inside the wall and from there go to the bottom of the orange area.

52) The same as level 47, fly under the tower without touching it using the jet pack.

53) Use the jet pack and fly into the cake ingredient hole, then go to the top middle of the orange area and find the cat.